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Apparently I did some research around about this site and Dreamwidth is still beta, so I guess I should wait a bit before moving here.

I can't really decide now, since there is that particular "edit/insert image" and asks you to "link an image" option. Personally, I'm not fond of the idea of placing all my doodles/pictures and such in an image hosting then make a link for several reasons, and I think this also may be the cause to why not a lot are migrating here from LiveJournal. Hopefully they will make it so we can upload it from our computer too in the future since this site is still technically under construction. :Ia

I don't know if I should make this into those journals where people discuss about random topics since I suck at talking about myself and my life, I'm a boring person anyway hahaha.

I lurk but it doesn't mean I am rarely here so feel free to say hello I don't bite! 8D;; Unless you're into that kind of stuff *bricked*-